3. German Speed Challenge (GSC) 2024

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The 3nd "German Speed Challenge" (GSC) will take place from June 14th to 16th, 2024 at the airfield Ballenstedt instead of. The speed challenge is organized under auspices of the MFSD and the office of the DAeC Model Flight Commission.

It remains an invitation-only event.


The invitations for 2024 have already been issued again, other interested parties are welcome to contact us by email. You will be put on the waiting list.

Announcement and payment information

In 2016 and 2017, a set of stable aluminum pylons, a reserve network cable and the safety net together with a box, stands, anchors and accessories were purchased from the entry fees and donations.

In 2018, a complete (core) measuring system was bought from the previous owner ("Speedscene e.V.") from sponsorship contributions and entry fees.

In 2019 ist ein Anhänger für den Transport des ziemlich umfangreichen Messstreckenmaterials dazugekommen.

In 2019, a trailer was added for transporting the rather extensive measuring track material.

In 2021 a new pavilion for the measuring system and a calibrated scale was purchased.

In 2022 a new set of network cables was purchased for the measuring system.

In 2023 two switches and a new software for the measuring system.

All material purchased from the donations / surpluses so far belongs to the DAeC's Record Flight Sports Committee and the Model Flight Commission will therefore continue to be available to speed pilots after the end of the GSC series of events.

I would like to thank all the helpers and donors who support me in making this event happen!

Special thanks to the sponsors/supporters:

main sponsor Scorpion Powersystems


sponsor XNOVA




I would also like to thank the sponsors/supporters of the pilots:

StefansLipoShop GmbH

Young Generation Electronics



My thanks for the support of the GSC 2024 also go to:

- my wife Kristina Moldtmann, who will support the measuring system, produce the certificates and record the event in photos and videos

- Carsten Göpf, who will cut the trophies again

- the donors who didn't want to be named

- all the speed pilots who have pledged their active help for the event in 2024!


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